We’ve chosen these words to describe how we “do church” here at UCUMC. They picture the process people flow through to become “fully committed partners with Jesus.”


The first step of our process we call LOVE. Love events/programs are entry points. These include weekly worship, EPIC Wednesday and Sunday nights, children’s worship in the Loft and Clubhouse, and more. Love describes this step because these events are where people learn to understand God’s love for them, and to express their love of God through worship. It’s also where we as a congregation show our hospitality (practical love) to our guests.


The second step of our process we call LINK. We believe that spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships, so we offer many opportunities for people to join small groups (here we call them Link Groups) that fit their age, stage in life or interests/needs. We also include small group experiences in our Bible studies and other activities. Linking allows people to make Christian friends and learn what it’s like to live in a caring community.


The third step in our process is termed LAUNCH. People “launch” as they live out the Word of God. Launching is getting involved… in the church, in the community and across the world.