Week Ten ~ “Far from Christ”
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(if you have some time look up Judas Iscariot in your concordance and read the Gospel passages related to him)

Judas was an important disciple of Jesus. He held the role of treasurer and that was not a small thing. He took care of the money Jesus and his disciples used to purchase food, lodging, etc… It was, in its own way, a grave responsibility.

Now you’ve heard it said that Satan tends to attack us at our weakest points. There’s truth to this adage. Where we are weak we can expect to experience temptation and the lure of sin. But isn’t it interesting that this is the very place Judas was asked to live out of by Jesus? Judas was asked to keep the money purse and Jesus knew he had a problem with money. In fact, the Gospels recount how Judas often took money out of the common purse to use on himself. He stole from Jesus. He took from his companions. You see, before Judas became the betrayer bar none… he had been betraying in small and secretive ways all along.

I believe Jesus knew that Judas was a thief and intentionally put him in charge of the money. Wanna know why? Well, instead of stealing Judas had ample opportunity to take ownership of his weakness and get help from the Lord on it. But he didn’t. He made up daily excuses as to why he needed the cash. He covered his sin by treating it lightly. He must have thought to himself, “This small amount of money is no big deal… plus, if I’m traveling this rough road for Jesus I can certainly catch a siesta every now and again. You know, at the end of the day I deserve it!”

The point I’m making is that Judas didn’t become Jesus’ betrayer over night. The small acts of financial betrayal over the course of 3 years was affecting Judas and changing his heart. Like a cancer, Judas’ weakness and sin began to overgrow everything good. So when the time came to make a huge sum of money… even if it cost Jesus His life… Judas didn’t bat an eye.

What’s your weakness? Are you indulging that area of sin in your life? If so, take a moment to stop and consider that the little sin you commit on an ongoing basis may very well lead you into utter ruin, guilt, and despair. So stop! Admit your weakness. Own it. Give it to Jesus and let Him help you become the person He intends for you to be.

Personal and/or small group questions:

  • Have you ever known a Judas in your own life (someone who gave into sin on an ongoing basis and it eventually did them in)?
  • Why do the little things we do or fail to do matter in our life with God and one another?
  • Think on the Apostle Paul’s statement, “For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:10, NLT). What’s this mean for us?
  • How have you learned to give your weaknesses to the Lord? What’s come of the surrender for you and your life?

Scripture Memory Verse:
“My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9, NLT).


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