Week 4 – April 5

Pastor Tim

“He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.” (Psalm 23:2, NLT).

The body of this psalm completes the sentence, “I do not lack…” or “I have all that I need….” This isn’t a list that may be true for the psalmist but may differ for you and me. Rather, this is a statement of truth that is valid for all of us who place our trust in the Lord.

The first truth is that the Lord lets His flock rest. Rest/shalom/peace is critical to the people of God. In fact, Sabbath rest was one of the distinctive qualities that distinguished Israel from the nations. People worked for six days and then rested on the seventh. Think about the import of this during a day and time when there were no labor laws. Young and old… slave and free… animal and human… ALL of them got to rest.

I believe one of the most dangerous aspects of our current day and mood is that we don’t rest. When I say this I’m not just referring to time “on the job.” I’m also pointing out the frantic pace we keep when we’re home. The busyness we heap on our kids. The endless schedule where no one rests and where little to no time is spent meditating on the Lord. I sometimes wonder where picnics, board game nights, catching a lazy nap… and a good 9-inning baseball game have gone. Maybe it’s just me… but I seem to only see worn out people who are out of breath at the end of the week.

Although I’m not going to delineate what we should do, I will simply ask a question. If the Lord lets His sheep rest… what could this mean for you?

Lord, help me to rest. Further, help me to know how to rest. Amen.


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