RE:JESUS - Homework: October 15-16: Matthew 6

RE: You
Have you ever been anonymous when doing something kind? If so, what was that experience like for you? How did it affect you and the person(s) you were reaching out to?

RE: God’s Word
Brainstorm on paper what the world says about generosity and about dealing with our wants and needs. After you’ve jotted down a good list, read Matthew 6 with care. Note what Jesus has to say about generosity (charity) and how we are to relate to worldly possessions. What are the contrasts between the world’s beliefs and Jesus’? Are there contrasts between Jesus and you?

RE: Context
Matthew 6 is a continuation of the Sermon on the Mount. In this chapter, Jesus teaches about faithfulness (loving others as we love ourselves) and our relationship to material needs. Jesus lived in a day when members of the religious establishment did their acts of charity more to impress onlookers than to serve God. Jesus counters this approach and says all the good we are compelled to do ought to be done for an audience of One: the Lord. Jesus also lived in a subsistence culture. People didn’t live paycheck to paycheck… they lived day to day. In this climate, leaving one’s income to follow Jesus was a very real concern. Jesus reminds his followers that they are to live by faith as they seek God’s Kingdom first.

RE: Response
Try taking Jesus at His word this week. Love others anonymously and for the glory of the Lord. Trust the Lord with your needs as you seek His Kingdom as the very first priority. Pay attention to what you learn and see what this experience teaches you.

RE: Prayer
Take time to confess to the Lord any areas of your life you have placed before Him. Ask Him to help you seek His Kingdom first.