RE:JESUS - Homework: December 17-18:  Matthew 15

RE: You
What’s the most gross thing you’ve ever eaten?

RE: God’s Word
The Bible… we can’t live without it. Yet—whether through ignorance or laziness—we can find ourselves twisting and distorting the scriptures. How are you using or misusing the Word of God in your life?

RE: Context
The beginning of chapter 15 is hard hitting. Jesus calls some of the religious leaders to task over their hypocritical misuse of the Word of God. They have criticized Jesus’ disciples for breaking the commandments and yet have themselves shown only shallow lip service to life with God. “This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

Jesus goes on to talk about the supreme importance of the heart. Sure… we can talk in a godly way. We can spout God’s Word. Yet talk means nothing if the heart is far from God. Quite simply, your heart’s love of God determines everything else.

RE: Response
Consider your life with God. Is it an appearance-only relationship? Is it intimate and meaningful? Where are you with the Lord?

RE: Application
Pay attention to your heart this week. Take note of who you are. Are you shallow in the things of God or are you open to having your heart renovated and transformed?