Launch globally

The needs in our world compel us to launch out beyond our community. Here are some of our current priorities in global outreach:

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Missions Trips

UCUMC has built relationships with missionaries and missions organizations in several countries—including the Bahamas, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Rwanda—and we regularly send mission/work teams there to minister. We are currently exploring a relationship with our sister church in Cuba and church members have taken vision and support trips to China.

For upcoming trips...


The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

Through this not-for-profit global humanitarian aid organization of the United Methodist Church, we respond to situations—whether caused by war, conflict or natural disaster—to alleviate human suffering in more than 80 countries.


Zoe Ministry

Established in 2004, Zoe Ministry gives hope to orphans in Africa (due primarily to the HIV/AIDS epidemic) by ministries of food relief, education support, medical care, and empowerment life-skills training. ZOE staff members in Kenya have completed the first steps of the orphan empowerment process for the children and the young caregivers that form the Amani ("peace") Thuuria Working Group now partnered with University Carillon UMC.

Click PDF download to see a document about the challenges these young people face. Zoe Ministry is working on creating a personal blog page and posting pictures we can link to at In the meantime, review how ZOE identifies and forms working groups and what the three-year journey for these children will be like by reading the online brochure, “Zoe’s Orphan Empowerment Program: A Look Inside” at


The Dominican Republic

Jackie’s House
jackies0312-020jackies0312-013Each year we send a missions team to minister at Jackie’s House—a private orphanage in the Dominican Republic that ministers to handicapped, abused and neglected children, in Jesus’ name.

Each of the 25–30 children in the house has a sobering life story. For instance:

  • Claudia has cerebral palsy; when she was found, her caregiver was her 5-year-old brother.
  • Israel, Estenfani and Clara have bones so brittle that they are called “crystal children”; all three are wheelchair-bound, due to multiple fractures in their bodies. Their mom is too poor to provide proper medical care and nutrition for them.

Jackie and her husband, Hernando, felt called to care for these poor and marginalized children in a loving, Christian home where they are happy, well fed, clothed and home-schooled. Jackie’s House relies completely on donations.

DR/Rick and Barb Sucher
We have an ongoing relationship with Rick and Barb Sucher and their family who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic. Under the auspices of Missionary Ventures, Rick and Barb moved to the city of Sousa where they work with various ministries overseeing a Bible school, administering a feeding program, going door-to-door and pastoring pastors.


Zion Methodist Children’s Home (The Bahamas)

On tiny Current Island, a short ferry ride from the northwest shore of Eleutherea in the Bahamas, a group of people in Zion Methodist Church dreamed of building a home to care for children that lacked basic necessities and care. We are helping that dream to become a reality.


FollowOne International

This locally-based ministry helps congregations and Christ-followers become more mobilized in God’s mission to people across American and in strategic places around the world. See


UCUMC Missionaries

Through our budget, University Carillon supports the following full-time missionaries:
John and Joan Tungseth, Campus Crusade for Christ, International, (Orlando and Africa)
Rich and Ruthie Wiewiora, Campus Crusade for Christ (Orlando)
Vern and Iris Cutshall, Campus Crusade for Christ (Orlando)
Rick and Barbara Sucher, Missionary Ventures International (The Dominican Republic)


We’re a “Church of ONE”!

Orlando is a City of ONE; Oviedo is a City of ONE; Seminole is a County of ONE… and University Carillon was the very first Church of ONE!
A declaration signed at ONEnow, with the approval of our Leadership Council, aligns us with ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History. ONE is a non-partisan effort by Americans to rally Americans, one by one, to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. So far, ONE has been supported by millions of individuals and more than 100 of the nation’s leading relief, humanitarian and advocacy organizations. To learn more, go to