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What’s In It For Me?

03 October 2010
The Sermon Series:
(found in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4)

Apostle (apostolos) ? “one sent forth” (on an official errand), i.e., an ambassador. 
Prophet, prophecy (prophetes) ? “to speak forth”; to proclaim the mind and counsel of God, i.e., the gift of preaching.
Pastor-teacher (poimenes kai didaskalos) ? shepherd and teacher whose function is to explain the difficult truths of God to the Church.
Working of Miracles (energemata dunameon) ? supernatural signs that authenticate the power of God in certain situations. 
Healing (iamaton) ? the ability to heal at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 
Service (antilempsis) ? “laying hold to support”; to minister to others, especially the weak and needy, and meet their needs 
Administration (kubernesis) ? “to guide or steer”; to preside over the church and guide the proceedings.
Leadership (proistemi) ? “to stand in front,” imparting direction and goals in a ministry.
Wisdom (logos sophias) ? “word of wisdom”; the ability to make wise choices and decisions at critical forks in the road.
Exhortation (paraklesis) ? “to call for help”; encouragement, comfort, strengthen, to counsel, exhort, bring aid, admonish.
Discernment (diakriseis pneumaton) ? “discernment of spirits”; the ability to judge or evaluate the spirits so as to distinguish whether something is from God or from an evil source.
Ministering (diakonia) ? “to serve” (hence the word deacons); a wide variety of activities one performs with the help of God to comfort, encourage, support and build up God’s people.
Faith (pistis) ? faith-vision; the ability to believe God for direction and power. All Christians have some faith; however there is also a gift of “faith-vision” which pioneers new ministries, encourages others and helps them to grow in faith.
Giving (metadidomi) ? the gift of sharing and imparting, not only money but also other resources. Once used, God blesses people with this gift with abundance of resources.
Tongues (gene glossan) ? “kinds of languages”; the ability to speak in languages not previously learned. This gift is for the purpose of praising, praying and talking to God.
Interpretation of Tongues ? the ability to translate unknown languages so as to edify and instruct others regarding what has been said.
Evangelist, evangelism (evangelistes) ? “messenger”; the gift of bringing the good news of Jesus to unbelievers.
Knowledge (logos gnoseos) ? “word of knowledge”; systematic understanding of truth and/or the ability to discern from God special truth about a situation.
Mercy (eleos) ? the ability to touch another’s heart with compassion.
Hospitality (philoxenia) ? “love of strangers”; the ability to make people feel welcomed and loved through sacrificial service.

Old Testament gifts of the Spirit: craftsmanship, worship (gift of music), interpretation of dreams.
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