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The Avengers

27 May 2012
The Sermon Series:
Gifts of the Spirit (found in 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12,
Ephesians 4, and 1 Peter 4)

Apostle - The Greek word means “one sent forth”; an ambassador for God. 
Prophet - Prophecy is “to speak forth,” to proclaim the mind and counsel of God; the gift of preaching.
Pastor/teacher?Shepherd and teacher whose function is to explain the difficult truths of God to the Church.
Working of Miracles?The ability to perform supernatural signs that authenticate the power of God in certain situations.
Healing - The ability to heal at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 
Service - “Laying hold to support”; to minister to others, especially the weak and needy, and meet their needs.
Administration - “To guide or steer”; to preside over the church and guide the proceedings.
Leadership? “to stand in front”; imparting direction and goals in a ministry.
Wisdom - “Word of wisdom”; the ability to make wise choices and decisions at critical forks in the road.
Exhortation - “To call for help”; encouragement, comfort, strengthen, to counsel, exhort, bring aid, admonish.
Discernment - “Discernment of spirits”; the ability to judge or evaluate the spirits so as to distinguish whether something is from God or from an evil source.
Ministering - “To serve”; a wide variety of activities one performs with the help of God to comfort, encourage, support and build up God’s people.
Faith - The ability to believe God for direction and power. All Christians have some faith; however there is also a gift of “faith-vision” which pioneers new ministries, encourages others and helps them to grow in faith.
Giving - The gift of sharing and imparting, not only money but other resources; once used, God blesses people with this gift with abundance of resources.
Tongues - “Kinds of languages”; the ability to speak in other languages not previously learned; for the purpose of praising, praying and talking to God.
Interpretation of Tongues?The ability to translate unknown languages so as to edify and instruct others regarding what has been said.
Evangelist - “Messenger”; the gift of bringing the good news of Jesus to unbelievers individually and in groups.
Knowledge - “Word of knowledge”; systematic understanding of truth and/or the ability to discern from God special truth about a situation.
Mercy - The ability to touch another’s heart with compassion.
Hospitality - “love of strangers”; to make people feel welcomed and loved through sacrificial service.

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