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Jesus and Our Seismos Events

06 November 2011
The Sermon Series:
Homework for the coming week: Matthew 9

RE: You
What are you following right now in your life (who are you following on Twitter; what sports team do you faithfully follow; what stock do you follow; what author or writer do you follow)?

RE: God’s Word
The Word of God is often a detailed account of how people responded to God’s presence. Our faith is historical — and its writings are about real people who lived in real places. How does this affect the claim that Christianity is just another “philosophy”? What does the historical reality of our belief mean for you and me?

RE: Context
Chapter 9 is about life change. A paralytic is healed. A tax collector is called to follow Jesus. A dead girl is raised. A sick woman is healed. The blind see and the mute speak. Another way to view this chapter is to envision every well-fortified misery being torn down and obliterated. In other words, there is no isolating bondage (physical or relational) Jesus cannot heal. When we read this chapter it leads us to one place: worship of Jesus Christ. When we consider this chapter we consider one truth: Jesus is our only hope. Jesus is the great healer!

RE: Response
What area of your life do you need healing in? Bring this SPECIFC area to Jesus. What hopelessness to you need addressed? Bring this SPECIFIC issue to Jesus.

RE: Application
As Jesus brings healing to you, seek to bring His love to others. Ponder Matthew 9:35–38 and ask yourself if you are willing to be a worker for Jesus.
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