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Go Fish

09 October 2011
The Sermon Series:

Homework for the coming week: Matthew 5

RE: You
Take some time to think about an experience when something you had always believed to be true was challenged and changed. What was that transformation in your heart and mind like?

RE: God’s Word
Read Matthew chapter 5 quickly, then reread it much more slowly.
-    Highlight statements or verses that stand out to you.
-    Make notations of teachings/truths that challenge what you
currently believe to be true.

RE: Context
Jesus might have shared the material in Matthew 5 on a mountainside on a single day, but the wisdom gathered in this chapter is believed to be a compendium of His teachings. If you look closely at his words, you’ll find that they have no human counterpart. For example, in verse 3 Jesus says the simpleminded—those who don’t talk intelligently or run in academic circles—those are the ones who are blessed. Jesus says this is true in the Kingdom of Heaven because Jesus has come to rescue and redeem the “sat upon, spat upon and ratted on” (cf. Simon and Garfunkel). Consider carefully what Jesus teaches in this chapter about who is blessed in God’s Kingdom, what our presence in this world is supposed to look like, how we are to handle anger and lust, and how we are to relate to one another in this world in which we live.

RE: Response
What teachings challenge you? If you were to prayerfully accept the truths of Jesus into your life, how would it change your previous assumptions about what you believe?

RE: Prayer
Confess what is at the front of your mind that you know needs changing. Ask Jesus to help you build your life on His truth.
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