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Cast Notes: Moses

16 January 2011
The Sermon Series:
Cast’s Narrative: Exodus 2:1–Deuteronomy 34.

Personal Notes: Levite, brother of Aaron, married to Zipporah, father of Gershom. Leader of the Hebrew tribes in their exodus from Egypt and their formation just before invading Canaan.

Act and Scene: 1571 B.C. Egypt, Midian, Egypt, wilderness, border of Canaan.

Plot: If Pharaoh had the final say, Moses would have died moments after his birth; but Moses’ mom bravely saved his life and, ironically enough, Moses was reared in Pharaoh’s household. As a young man Moses took pity on his kin, who had been enslaved by the Egyptians. He tried to bring about change but found himself running as a fugitive after killing an Egyptian taskmaster. Moses spent years in obscurity shepherding sheep in a foreign land, but the Lord had plans for Moses. He called Moses back to Egypt where, through signs and wonders, God brought His people out of bondage. There were climatic events like the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, but the pinnacle experience in the life of Moses was when he met with God on Mt. Sinai and brought back to the Hebrews instructions for what life with God needed to look like. We tend to refer to these truths as the 10 Commandments.
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