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Title Speaker Date Series
  Song of Praise Joe MacLaren 13 April 2014 ucumc
  When Everything is Not Enough Joe MacLaren 06 April 2014 God's Story
  God’s Covenant Promise Joe MacLaren 30 March 2014 God's Story
  Developing the Godly Character of Courage Tim Farrell 23 March 2014 God's Story
  Living Into God’s Promise Joe MacLaren 16 March 2014 God's Story
  Rejecting God's Promise Joe MacLaren 09 March 2014 God's Story
  Power of Love Joe MacLaren 02 March 2014 God's Story
  Settling for Second Best Joe MacLaren 23 February 2014 God's Story
  Living into God's Promises Joe MacLaren 16 February 2014 God's Story
  I'm All In! Chris Akers 09 February 2014 God's Story
  Formed to be God's People Joe MacLaren 02 February 2014 God's Story
  Rules to Live By Joe MacLaren 26 January 2014 God's Story
  Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Joe MacLaren 19 January 2014 God's Story
  A Towering Problem Joe MacLaren 12 January 2014 God's Story
  God's Amazing Word: The Bible Joe MacLaren 05 January 2014 God's Story
  Suffering Savior Tim Farrell 29 December 2013 ucumc
  Broken Bulbs on the Family Tree Joe MacLaren 22 December 2013 Out Of The Box
  What I Really Need Joe MacLaren 15 December 2013 Out Of The Box
  Back Into My Life Joe MacLaren 08 December 2013 Out Of The Box
  What's Up with Heaven Louis Tamburro 01 December 2013 What's Up with Heaven